WVU and the Coronavirus

Using the expertise at West Virginia University, we seek to answer questions about coronavirus (COVID-19): What is it? How can I stay safe? We'll also learn more about viruses and how they work, as well as how West Virginia and the University are responding to the global pandemic that caused the world to go into lockdown.

Written by Stacey Elza, Wendy Holdren and David Ryan. Narrated by David Ryan. Sound mixed by Sean Hines.


  • 1. What is COVID-19?

    Dr. Lisa Costello, pediatric specialist, gives us a refresher course on COVID-19, coronaviruses, and the pandemic so far.

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  • 2. Vaccine science, RNA viruses, and are they alive?

    Dr. Ivan Martinez, virologist, talks all things RNA viruses. How long have they existed? Are they alive? How do we protect against them?

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  • 3. Closing and reopening: How West Virginia continues to respond to COVID-19

    In our third episode, we talk to Dr. Clay Marsh, vice president and executive dean for Health Sciences. Marsh serves as COVID Czar for WV.

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