Campus Access

To try and minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, Health Sciences leadership is asking all faculty, staff and students to document their building access via the Building Access Log form. This process will take the place of our current building access approval processes within each Health Sciences school.

You may use this link to access the form, or for your convenience, Quick Response (QR) codes are located on all Health Sciences entry and exit doors. Simply scan the QR code with your cell phone, and you will automatically be directed to the building access form. The form contains only six questions and should take less than a few minutes to complete.

Also, all faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while visiting any area of the Health Sciences campus.

Campus Conversation: Response & Budget

A virtual Campus Conversation on West Virginia University’s COVID-19 response and budget was held on Thursday (April 23). The discussion focused on WVU’s COVID-19 response and transition activities to date, our current budget reality and the University’s contingency planning efforts, including a potential furlough for designated staff employees as a last-resort measure. You can view a recording of the meeting, as well as the presentation on the Campus Conversations webpage. A robust FAQ also lives at the site.