Campus-Wide Guidance on Events, Meetings

All in-person meetings, regardless of size, should be canceled or transitioned to teleconferences. Visit the Information Technology Services website for more information. It is also strongly suggested that non-essential meetings be canceled.

When on-site, social distancing is recommended, which includes maintaining at least 6 feet when interacting with your colleagues. Also, remember the importance of thoroughly washing your hands and not touching your face. View this fact sheet for more information.

Health Sciences classroom restrictions and in-person meetings

During the summer semester, the use of all Health Sciences (HSC) classrooms will be restricted to ONLY essential academic activities that cannot be held online (i.e. gross anatomy lab, simulation lab, etc.) and that are necessary to ensure the progression of our students. This means no in-person student orientation, didactic lectures, testing or meetings. In addition, the two Interprofessional Education classrooms on the ground floor will be reserved for select Graduate Medical Education (GME) activities for the month of June and July. No other classrooms will be assigned for GME activities.

Health Sciences administration will continue to advise against in-person meetings. However, if it is deemed necessary to conduct an in-person meeting, the following guidelines must be observed:

  • Conference rooms must only be utilized at 50% capacity, and participants must physically distance and wear a face covering.
  • Individuals responsible for scheduling the meeting should ensure the appropriate disinfection before and after the meeting. Cleaning supplies can be requested from HSC Facilities or ordered on Marketplace.
  • When possible, it is recommended that necessary in-person meetings be held outside. For your convenience, the HSC ITS and Facilities departments are working to increase outdoor WIFI access and seating.  

This guidance is consistent with the University's decision to move to an all on-line format for the summer semester and will allow for a manageable cleaning/disinfection schedule by our reduced housekeeping staff due to furloughs. Additional guidance regarding the fall semester and future use of University facilities will be shared in the coming weeks.

No classrooms will be assigned without approval from Health Sciences administration. All inquires should be made at

Teleconference / Online Class Safety Tips

The FBI has shared a warning about teleconferencing and online classroom highjacking threats.

When sending Zoom Meeting invitations to students, please continue to send Zoom MeetingID to students/faculty via email or post the MeetingID within SOLE (Login required) to help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your online classroom or teleconference. Never post Zoom meeting information to a public website or social media site and/or utilize meeting passwords, waiting room features to control admittance of guests.

When sharing Zoom links for upcoming departmental meetings/conferences, please send privately to guests via email or calendar invite only.

Please contact the HSC Help Desk at if you have any questions.

Campus Access

To try and minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, Health Sciences leadership is asking all faculty, staff and students to document their building access via the Building Access Log form. This process will take the place of our current building access approval processes within each Health Sciences school.

You may use this link to access the form, or for your convenience, Quick Response (QR) codes are located on all Health Sciences entry and exit doors. Simply scan the QR code with your cell phone, and you will automatically be directed to the building access form. The form contains only six questions and should take less than a few minutes to complete.

Also, all faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while visiting any area of the Health Sciences campus.

Conference Travel 

All University-related international and domestic travel for WVU employees has been suspended until further notice.

Please see the information below for guidance on how to handle conference expenses you have paid out of your own pocket.

  • Conference Fees– Travelers should contact the conference organization and request a refund of conference fees for canceled conferences. If the organization is unwilling to provide a refund, the University will reimburse travelers for non-refunded, prepaid conference fees. Travelers should work with their business office or Shared Services on the reimbursement process.

  • Hotel Fees– In most instances, travelers should be able to cancel hotel reservations without a fee at least two days in advance. WVU will reimburse travelers for non-refunded, prepaid hotel fees.

  • Rental Car Fees– In most instances, travelers should be able to cancel car reservations without fee. If the rental company is charging a fee to cancel, please contact Cait Mutkus, PCPS’s travel analyst, at 304-293-4232 or, and we will contact the rental company to resolve.

  • Airline Fees– Airlines generally will provide a credit for canceled tickets in the name of the traveler. Some airlines may waive cancellation fees for travel canceled due to COVID-19.

Please see the links below for each major airline carrier’s site for cancellation policies as they continue to update these policies.

Through April 30, 2020 (subject to extension), WVU will reimburse travelers for canceled airline tickets and any cancellation fees related to COVID-19. Travelers receiving credit for canceled tickets should use the credit for work-related future travel. Be sure to note the deadline for using the credit, as they will vary by airline carrier.

WVU strongly recommends booking the new fares on a purchasing card through the MyTravel system or via World Travel at  877-778-7936 or This will allow maximum traveler flexibility, support from our travel agency for the traveler, and an appropriate assessment of fare booking (non-refundable vs. fully refundable, etc.).

Conference Travel – Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Am I required to cancel my upcoming trip? 

Given current circumstances, WVU generally views travel for conferences (domestic or abroad) as non-essential. Therefore, you should cancel your attendance at upcoming conferences until further notice. However, if you believe your attendance at an upcoming conference is essential, contact your dean or vice president for additional guidance. 

  • How should I go about canceling my upcoming travel? 

For those who booked using MyTravel or World Travel, the trips can be canceled directly in MyTravel or with through a World Travel agent. For those who booked outside of the travel program, please refer to the cancellation policy on the booking receipt. If you need assistance, contact Cait Mutkus, PCPS’s travel analyst, at 304-293-4232 or

  • What if I am in travel status and need to return home? 

With increased cancellations of flights, travelers may contact World Travel directly at 877-778-7936 for University-related stranded travel or rebooking issues.

  • Who can I contact with questions related to MyTravel? 

Contact Cait Mutkus, PCPS’s travel analyst, at 304-293-4232 or

How to Cancel Your Trip through MyTravel

Many trips are being canceled by both suppliers (such as conferences) and by our travelers due to the recent COVID-19 coronavirus. Canceling a trip that was booked through MyTravel or with a World Travel agent is easy. 

If you want to cancel your trip through your MyTravel profile, you can do so by selecting your trip and in the “Trip Overview” section by selecting “Cancel Entire Trip” To cancel through an agent you can call or email a World Travel at:

Phone: (877) 778-7936